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In 2019 NextGen Real CapitalLegacy Builders and JMP Holdings began collaborating. Ever since our first acquisition, we found we are a stronger high performance team when we work together. So, we joined forces formally and founded Quattro Capital.


JMP Investment Group focuses on investing and operating value-add apartment complexes, mobile home parks, and other multi-family and commercial real estate assets across the United States. JMP currently has holdings in Massachusetts, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. JMP also has holdings in high end restaurants and lounges in the Washington DC area.

Maurice Philogene

Maurice Philogene has dual-track careers in consulting and public service, and is an entrepreneur/investor and founder of JMP Investment Group. He is a 22-year Executive at Accenture, a global consulting firm. In October 2019, he retired from the US Air Force after 23 years as a Lt. Colonel/Federal Agent responsible for criminal and counterintelligence investigations worldwide. He continues public service as a midnight patrol officer for a county police department. As part of entrepreneurial ventures, Maurice began investing in real estate is 2002, compiling a sizable portfolio of single family homes before transitioning to multi-family asset classes in 2014. He’s been purchasing apartment complexes and mobile home parks since.

Real Estate Track Record Summary

  • General Partner for 6 multi-family acquisitions since 2018.

  • Part of team repositioning of 104-Unit multi-family, purchase price of $4.5M and sale at $6.2M, a 27% increase in just 18 months later.

  • Led acquisition and repositioning of hard to acquire boutique multi-family asset in University of Maryland area. Raised rents from $1100 to $1550, driving 42% additional equity in just over 14 months. Full 8% preferred being returned to investors as scheduled.

  • Owner/operator of numerous mobile home parks over 100 pads across 50+ acres.

  • General Partner for 35-unit multifamily in Knoxville purchased in January 2020

  • 300+ acquisitions & dispositions over 15 years


Legacy Builders 7 is a company focused on identifying value-add real estate investment opportunities for private equity in emerging and stable markets.

Dr. Erin Hudson is an accomplished ten-year entrepreneur as well as a wife and mother of five. She is the proud owner of Hudson Wellness Centers in CA providing chiropractic services and serves as director for a team of 30+ employees.

Erin Hudson

She is a successful real estate investor with a track record spanning five years, as well as asset manager of a $19.5m real estate portfolio for which she raised over $3m in capital.


Real Estate Track Record Summary

•General Partner for 104-unit multifamily full reposition with 52 units completed and $150/unit rent increases to date

•General Partner for 30-unit commercial retail where she raised occupancy from 65% to 97% in the first year and is fulfilling 8% preferred return to investors

•General Partner for 35-unit multifamily in Knoxville purchased in January 2020

•Acquired 26 SFH properties in 2 ½ years with 65% increase in value to date

•230+ Acquisitions & Dispositions averaging 22% Return on Equity


“Erin runs a stellar Real Estate Investing business and delivers as promised.  We just received our first monthly rent checks from two new acquisitions and wow, lazy money sitting in the bank is now yielding us almost 14% return…Thank you!  She has got impeccable character and is downright the real deal.  So grateful for the blessing of her presence in our lives and we’re flipped out about beginning a life-long friendship and business relationship.” - Carl Frushon

signature photo.jpg

NextGen Real Capital is a third-generation real estate investment group focusing on value-add commercial real estate ventures.


Chad and Kim are full-time Real Estate Investors and Asset Managers of $6.15M in single-family and multifamily residential real estate across multiple companies.

Chad Sutton & Kim Wendland

Real Estate Track Record Summary

•General Partner for 35-unit multifamily in Knoxville purchased in January 2020

•General Partner/Asset Manager for 33 properties totaling 35-units

•Demonstrated increase in portfolio value of 47% for 35-units in 3 years

•Demonstrated revenue and NOI increases of 30% over 3 years for 35-units

•Returned failing company to profit in 1 year after takeover

Chad solo.jpg

Chad Sutton is a seasoned engineer turned business strategist and international negotiator. During the General Electric stock crisis, he led global teams executing on variable cost productivity totaling more than $84M in savings.


Currently, he serves as Executive Leader and Global Strategist for $100M in goods generating 9.6% YoY spend deflation.

Kim Solo.webp

Kim Wendland spent twenty-eight years as a Global IT Project Executive holding leadership positions in major corporations like IBM and Northrop Grumman serving Fortune 50 clients with multi-billion dollar outsourcing services. She has a seasoned, proven track record achieving business outcomes. As an entrepreneur, she owned and sold two businesses where she increased sales by 17% in 2006 and 1,235% in 2007 through the successful implementation of business development strategies.

RE Mentor Network

  • Successfully invested in multifamily for over 22 years

  • Bought, sold and/or held over 8,000 units of multifamily

  • Bought, sold and/or held significant commercial real estate

  • Raised over $100m in syndications

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