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Texas and Tennessee

The southeastern part of the United States is seeing rapid growth due to lower cost of doing business for employers, lower cost of living for employees and a generally friendly environment for doing business. We have chosen Texas and Tennessee markets due to their economic track records for strong growth. 


We are strategically located with one Co-founder in Central Texas and Middle Tennessee which allows us to keep a close eye on our assets, making random visits to encourage our property management to perform at the highest caliber. We believe presence and full engagement with our extended team is essential for achieving outcomes. 

Detailed Maps of NextGen's Specific Counties

We have interactive google maps available for our target markets in Tennessee and Texas to allow our investors and partners to visually see the areas that we like to invest. 

Alternatively, click the map image and then follow "Go to link" at the bottom for an interactive Google Maps experience of the NextGen Target Markets in Texas and Tennessee.

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