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2019 Multifamily Trends 

"Strong Fundamentals" Freddie Mac 2019


"Demand for apartments is 300% higher than ever before" according to Reis, Cushman & Wakefield Research. 


Market forces driving that demand remain strong in 2019:

  • Empty nesters want to rent

  • Seniors want to rent

  • Millennials want to rent

  • Student housing growing as enrollment grows

  • Tax incentives for renting remain

  • Apartment supply and demand is health for investment

  • Rising cost of ownership


Providing a healthy supply of apartments where people want to live is essential to meeting the demand. But doing that in a way that is profitable for partners and investors is essential.


Investments can yield profits in any phase of the real estate cycle if you match your investment strategy to the particular phase of the cycle.  Local market analysis in primary, secondary and tertiary real estate markets is essential. The real estate cycle is not a national criterion. It's a local and it's not just one thing.


Here at NextGen Real Capital we have nearly 100 criteria required to determine which market and which property will yield results.

We are selective....very very selective. There are still opportunities out there. You just have to know how to find the gold mines and avoid the land mines.

Traditional Library


If you are just beginning to study multifamily markets, we recommend the following reports from respected industry analysts.

2019 U.S. Real Estate Market Outlook Multifamily by CBRE

Kiplinger 2019 Real Estate Report: How Does the Multifamily Market Look?

Freddie Mac Multifamily 2019 Outlook

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