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Kim Wendland NextGen Real Capital


Co-founder and Partner

Don't you love it when you find a niche that provides a meaningful work that you love doing? That's what happened to me with real estate.


Why multifamily commercial real estate?

My husband, Wes, and I invested in traditional IRA, 401k and stocks for several decades. Our portfolio has done well and with the help of our great advisor, it has grown as expected notwithstanding the normal ups and downs of the markets.  And yet, it seemed an important time for us to further diversify. So, we began investing in single family buy and hold real estate. As it became familiar, I learned more about commercial multifamily real estate and learned that multifamily really is a better investment vehicle to accomplish our goals.  Both single family and multifamily housing is essential. People need a place to live no matter what happens in technology, industry or service economies be it local, regional or global. That human and most basic of need for housing accompanied with growing population creates wonderful investment opportunities.


What's your real estate track record?

  • General Partner for 35-unit multifamily in Knoxville purchased in January 2020

  • General Partner for 36-unit multifamily in Atlanta purchased in March 2020

  • General Partner/Asset Manager for 33 properties totaling 35-units

  • Demonstrated increase in portfolio value of 47% for 35-units in 3 years

  • Demonstrated revenue and NOI increases of 30% over 3 years for 35-units

  • Returned failing company to profit in 1 year after takeover

  • Owned and sold two businesses after increasing sales by 17% in 2006 and 1,235% in 2007 through the successful implementation of business development strategies

Have you always been in real estate?

No, it took me a long time to discover real estate as I spent the first thirty years of my career in information technology. It was a blast being part of the up and coming new thing. For me though, it wasn't just about the technology. It was about applying that technology to solve business problems that I found energizing and fascinating. As a result, I was grateful to hold leadership positions in major corporations like IBM and Northrop Grumman serving their Fortune 50 clients on multi billion dollar contracts. For a few years, I contributed to the greater good working at Texas Health and Human Services system. In addition, I launched and ran three other businesses during that time as well. Whether intrapreneurial or entrepreneurial, I love business and doing what it takes to accomplish the goal and realize the desired outcomes whether that took the form of a billion dollar IT outsourcing contract or launching a profitable small business.

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