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How can I diversify my retirement funds with real estate?

Many investors remain on the sidelines thinking they have no capital to invest. If you have an existing IRA or 401k, you have some options on how you can deploy some of your retirement dollars into private real estate offerings. 

What type of account do I need to partner with NextGen Real Capital or another real estate venture?

Yes, it's true. You can use your retirement funds to open a Self-Directed IRA (SDIRA) account to partner with NextGen in our multifamily ventures. You will maintain all benefits of a typical retirement account, and if you are self-employed you may qualify for the Self-Directed Solo 401(k), which offers tax deferred contributions up to $56,000/year.

Questions? Want to learn more? Visit this Knowledge Base for more information from a reputable provider.

Also, check out what Forbes says about the benefits of a Solo 401k and how to qualify. 

Dollar Bills

We use Rocket Dollar for our personal Self-Directed IRA and Solo 401k accounts. 

There are many reputable Self-Directed IRA custodians out there, but allow us to share our favorite with you. 

Rocket Dollar makes it quick and easy to signup online, backed by the simple and transparent price of $15 per month (regardless of the amount of assets or number of transactions) and a one-time set-up of $360. Don't forget to enter referral code DKRYZANOWSKI to take advantage of $100 off.


Want to learn more? Visit Rocket Dollar's Knowledge Base or schedule a call with Dan Kryzanowski. Ready to invest with NextGen Real CapitalSignup online today!

Note: NextGen Real Capital, LLC is in no way affiliated with nor does it receive compensation from Rocket Dollar for any business that may occur as a result of this post. However, you will find us featured on their partner's page here

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