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NextGen Real Capital is a third-generation multifamily and commercial real estate investment group with a hyper-focus in value-added multifamily projects. Our strategy is three-fold: Recognize Opportunity, Connect Partners and Amplify Wealth. We create passive investment opportunities in real estate, helping investors attain financial freedom.


Recognize Opportunity

We identify emerging markets using analysis criteria such as job growth, population demographics, household formations and more that give our investors faster appreciation which leads to better returns.

Networking Event

Connect Partners

We partner with our network of advisers, brokers, lenders, property managers and investors who have experience with hundreds of millions of dollars of multifamily real estate investments which improves outcomes and reduces risk.


Amplify Wealth

We focus on value add opportunities using a specific formula designed to yield higher returns and lower risk. After all, this is a big reason we all work so hard. It's about everyone's future and passions.

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