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Self-Directed Retirement Accounts

Did you know if you are Self-Employed you can lower your tax base and contribute up to $56,000 for 2019 in a tax-deferred Checkbook Control Self-Directed Solo 401(k), IF - and only if - you open your Solo 401(k) by 12/31/2019? Learn more on “Solo Ks” by visiting our website HERE.

Who is Considered Self-Employed?

Self-employed individuals (or married couple) that have no full-time employees in their LLC, LP, C Corp, or S Corp. Sole Proprietors also qualify. More on eligibility HERE.

Not Self-Employed? You can still take advantage of a Self-Directed IRA. Learn more HERE.

Solo 401(k) Week

Join our partner, Rocket Dollar every day during the first week of November to learn more about the national shift from traditional corporate 9-to-5's and factory work to the dynamic schedule, lifestyle and opportunity for America’s self-employed individual in 2020.

Our fellow Americans are not only embracing this new lifestyle, but also empowering themselves to fund and manage their retirement, with a growing preference towards private assets and alternative investments. More on Solo 401(k) Week HERE.

Meet with Dan Kryzanowski

Want to learn more? Visit Rocket Dollar's Knowledge Base or schedule a call with Dan Kryzanowski. Ready to invest with NextGen Real CapitalSignup online today!

Rocket Dollar makes it quick and easy to signup online, backed by the simple and transparent price of $15 per month (regardless of the amount of assets or number of transactions) and a one-time set-up of $360. Don't forget to enter referral code "NGRC19" to take advantage of $100 off.

How can a Self-Employed Investor (SEI) max out her/his contribution in 2019?

SEIs have two contribution limits and "buckets" to fill to get to the overall $56,000 2019 limit. Specifically, $19,000 for a Traditional deferral or Roth personal contribution, $37,000 for a profit-sharing/employer contribution. More on contributions HERE.

Can an SEI open a Rocket Dollar Gold account?

Yes! SEIs may open a Gold account for a Solo 401(k), benefiting from expedited on-boarding and service on all transfers/investments, free wire transfers, ROTH conversion assistance, et al. More on Gold HERE.

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