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Here at NextGen Real Capital we buy and sell apartment complexes in order to provide quality safe affordable homes for people that also yield strong returns for our investors.

  • We have a strict, “no slum lord here” policy because we believe that in order to do well we must do good.

  • We take our landlord responsibility very seriously and consider the people living in our apartments with high regard who must be served with respect, kindness and humility.

  • We also take our fiduciary responsibility very seriously and consider trust an honor which must be cared for with attention, diligence and priority.

Family At Church

Quality Safe Affordable Housing

Apartment Complexes

While multifamily apartment complexes are an excellent investment, these apartments are people's homes. These are spaces where couples bring home new babies; where single and married moms and dads raise their children; where families make meals and eat together; and where kids play and learn. These homes are where singles and seniors find a safe, quality, affordable place to work and live in community. And recently, they have become safe havens where people quarantine from pandemics.  In all reality, these apartment homes are where the essence of life happens with all its ups and downs and struggles and triumphs.  So, first and foremost, we provide quality safe affordable living spaces for people.

Investment Chart

Passive Income, Tax Benefits, Returns

Excellent Investment

And while these apartment complexes are great places to live life well, they are also excellent investments. When we provide quality safe affordable homes, working people value the service and pay competitive rent. The tenant’s rent payments over time, combined with up front investor equity and a mortgage, enable improvements to be made which increase the of value of the property and provide cash flow. In addition, there is a depreciation tax deduction each year. As a result, investors benefit throughout the life cycle of the investment. Beginning with quarterly cash payments and a depreciation tax deduction and continuing to the sale of the property where profits are captured from both forced and natural appreciation. So, apartment complexes are great investments for passive income, tax benefits and returns.

Go Team

Seasoned Experienced Professionals

Reduce Risk Improve Performance

As with most of life, multifamily real estate investing is a team sport. And so, we partner with like-minded advisers, brokers, lenders, property managers and investors who have experience with hundreds of millions of dollars of multifamily real estate investment experience in order to provide quality safe workforce housing, reduce risk and amplify wealth. Working with a strong team, we make sure our projects benefit everyone involved.

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